One of the signature elements of Phoenix Festival of the Arts is the Phoenix Mural Project, a collaborative art project led by Hugo Medina, featuring some of the Valley’s best local talent. Artists are aligned along the west side of the Festival perimeter, creating a connected, flowing work of art. Each participating artist creates a 4×4′ mural panel and collaborates to create artwork on panels between the artists on either side. The result is a one-of-a-kind representation of local artists working together to create something larger than life. Artists participating in the 2017 Phoenix Mural Project include:

Makenzie Heinemann
Doug Calhoun
Armondo Williams
Damian Jim
Seely Pratt
Miguel Ibarra
Piersten Doctor
Darrin Armijo-Wardle
Carlos M. Mendoza
Christina Scherer
Bahe Whitethorne, Jr.
MJ Dean
Jamie Korb
Chele Hill
Jacquelyn speagle
Michael Stopher
Gerald Byrnes
Jesse Perry
David Morgan
Michael Fraiz
Hannah Walsh
Delaney Dickerson
Kyllan Maney
Aileen Hernandez-Aguilar
Ginamarie Nieves
Annelisa Leinbach
Edgar Fernandez
Lisa Von Hoffner
Tasha Wahl
Holly Griffin