One of the signature elements of our event is the collaboration with Phoenix Phabulous Experience, a mural collection and storytelling program sharing the rich history of Phoenix. Artists are aligned along the west side of the Festival perimeter, creating a connected, flowing work of art. Each mural panel is available for sale. Proceeds benefit the artists themselves, and Phoenix Center for the Arts.

Tiesha Harrison

Tiesha Harrison


Tiesha Harrison has proudly been announced as the Phoenix Phabulous Experience 17th Mural Artist! Her work often includes bold visuals, vibrant concepts, mixed media and hand-cut collages that welcome others to fully embrace their UNDEFINED soul. Best described as fearless, intuitive, and infinitely expanding, Tiesha Harrison is a multidisciplinary, Abstract Expressionist!

Interactive Art

Immersive Experience

Past, Present, or Imagined Future

At the Festival, the community will participate in a storytelling immersive workshop creating a short poem, stories and/or small painting about their perspectives, feelings, experience and/or vision for any of the following years: 2020-2025. Their work will be incorporated into the final mural which will be revealed in April 2023. Tiesha will be painting live, curating a piece of art based on her intuition and emotion felt by the students’ expression!

Tiesha Art

Artists’ Statement

Art is the vehicle she uses to engage, serve, uplift and transform the community. 

“I AM inspired by the beauty of bold creativity in urban culture, innovation, storytelling, emotional rawness and music. It is the exploration of expression and intense attraction for authenticity that leads me on a journey of reflective brushwork and bold visuals. 

Decoding life experiences while creating art that speaks to and from the soul. My higher calling is to use art as a vehicle to engage, serve, uplift and transform the community. Raising the level of consciousness. DEEP CONNECTION and DESIRE to think without limitations, provoke a feeling, an emotion, a story, a vision for unveiled new perspectives to INSPIRE GREATNESS.”

Family Zone

The Phoenix Center for the Arts Teen Artist Guild presents the Festival’s Family Zone! The Family Zone provides guests with unique opportunities to participate in fun games, arts & crafts, circus training, and more for FREE!